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Chattanooga's Youth and Adult Hockey League

Chattanooga Hockey is an inline hockey league for Youth ages 7-16 and Street Hockey (no skates) ages 5-6. Adult Age groups are 16+. With the youth League our focus is to encourage participation, develop character, advocate sportsmanship, and promote community engagement. We take a principled approach to maintaining the highest level of instruction, competitiveness, fair play, and most of all, a fun, safe environment for kids to grow and love hockey.


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RHA Rule Book for CHAHKY

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SH Foundation

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The Schillhahn-Huskey Foundation is dedicated to funding groups that are passionate about helping the environment, assisting in animal welfare programs, supporting children's causes, and adding resources to the treatment of brain-related diseases. We use the dandelion on this website as a metaphor for sustainability. This flower may be viewed as an undesirable element in a yard or garden, yet it has great ecological value and persists despite continual efforts to wipe it out. Like the dandelion prolific in spreading its seeds and creating growth almost anywhere, our Foundation seeks to help good causes across a wide swath of categories. 

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HHM Wealth Advisors, LLC

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HHM Wealth Advisors, LLC, serves as a proactive and trusted financial advisor, partner and guide to individuals, families, businesses, organizations and nonprofits. At HHM Wealth, we apply more than 100 years of combined wealth management experience to your future. Our dedicated team of advisors analyzes past and present trends. They use that knowledge to design a customized plan to assist you in making more informed decisions for your future wealth.

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The Athletic Shop

The Athletic Shop, formerly known as Red Bank Athletics, was established in 1973. Ed Pierce and family began the business primarily as a sporting goods store. Over time, our focus has turned to customization of apparel. It did not take long for The Athletic Shop to be recognized as producing the highest quality of screen printing and embroidery in the southeastern territory.