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Information About Youth and Adult Roller Hockey Equipment


We have compiled a list and have a graphic to help you get started looking for the necessary equipment to play hockey with Chattanooga Hockey.

The Equipment for youth, as well as adults is fundamentally the same. Below is a list of the equipment that will be required to play hockey, as well as a few items that are not, but you may want to have them for the safety of the players.

  1. Helmet - Hockey is a fast pace sport, and there will be times that players will fall, the best way to protect that is with a decent helmet for the players. HECC or CSA approved helmet with chin strap properly fastened,  A full face protector HECC or CSA approved is REQUIRED for youths, and recommended for adults. A good place to start is
  2. Chest Protector - Chest Protectors protect the body from impacts as well as helps with shoulder pads and other parts of the upper torso for support and protection. Chattanooga hockey is a non contact hockey club at all ages, but accidental contact can happen. Chest protectors are not required, but recommended for both youth  and adult play.  Again, a good place to start is 
  3. Elbow Pads - As with Helmets falling will happen, and you will need to protect your elbows. Elbow pads are REQUIRED for both Youth and Adult Leagues. Elbow Pads examples can be found at
  4. Gloves - Another very important and REQUIRED piece of equipment for youth and adults is gloves. Gloves not only protect your hands from the accidental stick slash, but can also protect your hands when you fall. Hockey gloves and Lacrosse gloves differ in padding, as well as the thumbs has extra protection for hockey that will help prevent your thumbs from being hyper extended and causing injury. It seems tempting to wear lacrosse gloves because of availability, and you may already have a pair, but you need hockey gloves to prevent injury. Gloves examples can be found at
  5. Inline Hockey Girdle - This differs from Ice Hockey in the pads are built into the ice hockey pants, here in inline/roller hockey we use a girdle that goes under your clothing, this protects your tailbone, hips, thighs, and the groin regions of the players. Girdles or Ice pants are REQUIRED in youth and highly recommended for adult leagues. A good resource for girdles can be found at NOTE: If you do not wear a girdle or your girdle does not have a built-in cup, a cup or pelvic protector is still required for adults.
  6. Shin Guards - Shin guards protect your shins from falls, stick hits, and pucks from hitting your shins and causing injury. These are REQUIRED for play with the youth and adult leagues. You will notice that the shin guards also have some knee protection from falling as well, so make sure you get a size that fits and covers the knee for the most amount of protection for the hockey player.  An Idea of what shin guards you might want or
  7. Inline Skates - Inline Hockey is played with Inline hockey skates and those are preferred over recreational skates (with breaks) due to foot protection areas for pucks. Quad skates are allowed but inline is preferred for Chattanooga Hockey.  
    • Skates are REQUIRED for all age groups that are roller hockey and not street hockey ages which is 5-6 year old hockey players. For good ideas of hockey inline skates, check out
  8. Stick - Sticks are important to the type of player you are. Goalies need different sticks than the rest of the players on the rink, and what stick side you or your kid play with are also personal preferences. this is something that may take some time to figure out, and you can ask a Chattanooga Hockey representative if they can help you choose a stick for you, or your child. Sticks are REQUIRED for all players. 
  9. Mouth Guard - Mouth Guards are important to protect the smiles of the youth and adults. While some may think a hockey smile is earned, we at Chattanooga Hockey want all of our players to have great smiles for the championship pictures! Head over to any sporting good store and get a mouth guard. Types of mouth guards that should be worn can be found on

Other Resources: Above links are only suggestions, there are other places you can find hockey equipment online. 

Hockey Gear For Inline Hockey